Our MisSion

Community Powered Workshop connects and amplifies the voices of communities who have not yet been heard to create powerful places that promote a healthy future and break barriers of systemic injustice.

Powerful Voices for Powerful Places



We know what happens when historically underserved communities are shut out from the decision-making process: the outcomes do not serve the needs and challenges of those who are directly impacted; access to basic services is denied or uncoordinated; and roadblocks to overcoming systemic injustices like poverty, health disparities, and vulnerability to climate change are put in place. 

It is time to join our allies and start acting. We stand and work alongside powerful communities to challenge the status quo.

Historically, spaces are not designed alongside the people who are part of that community. This leaves little room for understanding the local history, culture, or trauma of a place and little opportunity to address the needs of the community. 

We know there is a better way. 

We believe that by recognizing and mobilizing the inherent strength and existing assets in a community, we can co-create powerful places that support local collective visions. Through this community-engaged process, we create a more equitable, healthy, and resilient world.


Nicole Joslin & Marla Torrado



Nicole Joslin, AIA, LEED AP, Executive Director

Nicole has a diverse professional and academic background in architecture, development, disaster recovery, and community engaged-design. After working for Architecture for Humanity's Hurricane Katrina recovery program in Biloxi, MS, Nicole moved to Austin and co-founded Women.Design.Build to provide more opportunities for women to engage in community driven design and construction activities. She concurrently practiced at architecture firm BOKA Powell and received her architectural license in 2012. Nicole's experience contributed to her research on the role of community organizations in disaster preparedness and recovery in the Community and Regional Planning graduate program at the University of Texas. Nicole returned to the Gulf Coast in 2014 for a research fellowship at architecture and planning firm Eskew+Dumez+Ripple in New Orleans, LA investigating community engagement frameworks in professional design practice. These experiences inform Nicole's current role as the Executive Director of ACDDC and visiting researcher at the University of Texas School of Architecture.


Marla Torrado, Ph.D., Planning Director

Marla has a Ph.D. in Community and Regional Planning with a background in community-engaged research and community organizing. She has extensive experience analyzing impacts of large-scale development projects on local, often marginalized, communities. She has worked with communities in Austin, Puerto Rico, and Argentina in collaborative and participatory planning projects related to affordable housing, access to healthy foods, and the impacts of development on natural ecosystems. She is deeply interested in social justice, participatory processes and community engagement, as they relate to planning and development. She is part of the Culture of Health Leaders program funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Through this leadership development program she engages with other leaders around the country in creating an equitable, diverse and inclusive culture of health for our communities.


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are passionate about amplifying the voices of powerful communities to create a more equitable future for all. If you are interested in becoming a board member, contact us today!


Nora Keane | Chair

Dylan Siegler | Vice-Chair Senior

David Dinoff | Treasurer

Jake Wegmann | Secretary

Elizabeth Mueller | Board Member

Meredith Powell | Board Member